New aircraft can be added to your hanger by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the page.

Select an aircraft to view and edit its details (for example if a flight plan is rejected due to invalid data in the aircraft section of a flight plan).

Aircraft can be deleted by swiping their entry to the right.

When defining a new airframe the aircraft identification is the ICAO call sign that will be used when registering your call sign.

This can either be a standard aircraft registration (e.g. C172 SP) or the ICAO code of the airline followed by an underscore and the flight number (BAW_1234 for “speedbird one two tree fower”).

Aircraft call signs are explained in more detail in the ground school materials.

ICAO codes for all aircraft are included in the application, and the correct code for the aircraft you are using should be chosen so that Air Traffic Control can issue procedures broadly in line with your aircraft (such as giving helipads to helicopters and routing heavy aircraft around smaller).

This code is also used for multiplayer aircraft.

The name of the aircraft type is also included and will be filtered while you type.

Once all the details for the airframe have been entered, scroll down to the bottom of the page, save them, and return to completing the flight plan.