Ground School

Get started with radio communications procedure with the Ground School section.

Theory and practice tests included with the application reinforce learning.

Ground School

The ground school is divided into several sections, including both theory and exercises

Ground School also serves a secondary purpose to set the auto correction functions.

Word training increases recognition accuracy for procedural words which sound like other words and may be converted to text incorrectly.

Completing the word training sections therefore greatly reduces the need to repeat requests and required read backs by standardising the spelling of these words.

Each ground school section is divided into several pages of text and images, pages with associated word training will have a microphone in the lower left corner of the page.

Additionally, such pages will not “check” in the lower portion of the page if word training/auto correct has not been completed.

An example of this is the phonetic word “alpha”

Voice recognition works by creating a probability of a sound being a word.

The complete list of auto corrections can also be reached by selecting “auto correction” from the menu in the top right. Each sounds like must be unique, duplicates will be highlighted in red in the auto corrections list. New words can be manually added to this less by selecting the green plus at the bottom of the page.

Word Training

In the case of Alpha, the words alfa, alphr and balfour all “sound like” alpha.

By completing the word training, all of these alternatives will always be converted to “alpha”.

Repeat for any alternates you wish to be recognised, such as if you find the wrong words being recognised during use.

Swipe an item right to delete/clear.

Selecting the light bulb in the top right will give some brief information about how the word is used in radio procedure.

Press and hold train and then speak into the microphone to train the software which words sound like the word which should be used.