Use AutoATC to learn radio procedures and follow them as if you are flying a real aircraft. What our users say:

jkeye 9 March 2024, 13:00
Can't believe I've missed out on using this for so long!!
Your plugin fills a gap in ATC and that's really needed for VR users in XPlane.

Daividas Narkevicius 9 Jan 2023, 01:44
It's incredible! No lies here, It's good for practice,

Gabriele Michieli 14 Apr 2022, 18:38
Useful and working well

UR35F 24 Oct 2021
Absolutely amazing and immersive plugin! I've just had a really intense flight from France to the UK and probably for the first time I had no feeling that the skies were empty.
Keep rocking, devs!

MadMackem 23 March 2019
Excellent addon, thank you for your work.

Dahlheim 20 Jan 2019
This is a great start with what was initially a holiday hobby project and continues to be maintained by one guy it seems. Really well done framework to bring activity to airports and to the skies above, along with some good rudimentary ATC guidance/interaction for basic clearance/taxi/takeoff/landing. works in VR! happy to support the effort.