Aviate, Navigate, COMMUNICATE

AutoATC is a complete aviation VHF and Air Traffic Control simulation solution, using the latest in artificial intelligence to recreate real life flight conditions as closely as possible.

AutoATC is intended for budding pilots and aircraft enthusiasts who wish to learn, practice and demonstrate proficiency in aviation communication.

AutoATC is built following ICAO, FAA and UK Civil Aviation Authority standards.


Aviate, Navigate, COMMUNICATE

AutoATC offers value to all aviators, from the complete novice, to experienced, international professionals.

The application provides all the fundamental basic training required to practice radio communication in complex airspace within the application.

AutoATC can be connected to flight simulators to provide a highly realistic air traffic environment, anywhere in the world, 24/7, simulating all aspects of air traffic and air traffic control.

Aviate, Navigate, COMMUNICATE

AutoATC is comprised of three components:

AutoATC Android application:

  • Voice recognition
  • Listen to simulated aircraft
  • Communicate with Air Traffic control
  • File and view flight plans
  • Training materials
  • Test and practice communications

Online AI Server

  • Global simulation of international air traffic
  • VFR and IFR support
  • Virtual Air Traffic Controllers
  • Airport procedures

Simulator Plugin

  • Integrate with simulator controls and instruments
  • VR compatible
  • Negotiate virtual air traffic under ATC control